Friday, November 26, 2010

Creating Curls in Wavy Hairstyles

    if you have a wavy hairstyle it is often quite easy to create curls through the style. Rather than having to start and create volume like those with straight hair have to do, you can easily find that you are able to make use of curlers in the hair to create the look that you are seeking. Wavy hairstyles already have the base that is required to create the curls. Once the waves are in the hair you have two options, you can create the curls with curlers that can be heated and placed in the hair or even worn in wet hair overnight to set the curls or you can make use of a hairstyle that will allow you to curl the hair with a traditional curling iron. Wavy hairstyles are very accepting to curls and can be used to create popular Updo hairstyles or even worn down to create bouncing curls that are cascading around the shoulders. Both methods are a great way to create curls in the hairstyle and can ensure that you are able to create a successful look. To secure the curls within the style, you can often use a little pomade or finishing spray. Since there is a wavy base to the hairstyle there is often very little product that is required through the style to ensure that the curls are going to stay in

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Creating Curls in Wavy Hairstyles

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